How often should I have my chimney swept?

We always recommend a yearly sweep for domestic properties with average use. It is extremely important to check your insurance details as there could be details for this in the small print.

Will having my chimney swept be dirty?

No, our service is as clean as we can make it. We pride ourselves on treating every property like it was our old Nan’s with shoes off and lots of respect. We provide sheets that cover surfaces and sponges that block the chimney to minimise dust. we also use a commercial vacuum to clear any soot or dust. We aim to leave things as we find them!

Can I light my fire the night before?

We request that your fire has been out for at least 14 hours when we arrive.

Why cant you give me a specific time?

We give you a 3 hour time slot in which we aim to arrive, there are factors that can affect this which is why we cannot be anymore specific, unless you are the first job of the day. If we are running early or late we aim to let you now so you can make necessary arrangements.

How long will it take?

Normally we can carry out a full sweep within one hour. If we encounter any problems such as birds nests this can extend the timescale and cost.

Do you provide a certificate?

Yes, we leave a certificate that will have all details of the sweep carried out.

How can I stop birds nesting in my chimney?

If this seems to be an on going problem, we suggest you have a cowl or cap fitted , depending if the chimney is in use. We can quote and fit these for you.

Smoke is coming into my room, what is the problem?

This could be a number of things, as well as a general sweep, we can carry out a smoke test and camera survey to try and get to the bottom of the problem. If you are able to take any video footage or photos of the problem it always helps.

How do I pay?

We leave a bill that has three ways to pay, you can pay CASH, CHEQUE, or BANK TRANSFER.